21 Beautiful Images Of Winter Wildlife

After the snow landscape compilation, it’s time to see 21 beautiful images of winter wildlife. If you’re lucky enough to have your camera and also spot one of these beautiful creatures below, chances are that shot will be unforgettable.

For more shooting information and short stories on how the photographs were taken, click on your desired image (takes you to Flickr).

nialletoThe sun pours in | By Nialleto | Nikon D300s

georgeWinter’s coming | By George | Nikon D800

andrew-evansBrr, it’s winter! | By Andrew Evans | Nikon D3

mitch_vPhotogenic Arrogant Dall’s Sheep | By Mitch V. | Canon EOS Rebel T4i

robinss-leeScottish Red Deer | By Robin SS Lee


Horses | By Óskar Páll Elfarsson | Canon EOS 10D

blaueasterReindeer | By Susann

marc-crowWhite-tailed buck | By Marc Crow | Canon EOS 6D

lindaMini Blizzard | By Linda Kendrick | Canon EOS 70D

amarpreet-kaurThe chill of winter | By Amarpreet Kaur | Canon EOS 5D Mark III

miriam-lowrethKing penguins enjoying the fresh snow | By Miriam Lowreth

michael-rowlandsonWinter Wonderland | By Michael Rowlandson | Canon EOS 5D Mark II

megan-lorenzWinter Watcher | By Megan Lorenz

gay-biddlecombeWhite World | By Gay Biddlecombe | Fujifilm FinePix F10

glenn-bullCheeky Stag | By Glenn Bull

niklasmaPolarwolf | By Niklas | Canon EOS 7D

jennifer-macneillBuck nose | By Jennifer MacNeill | 6D


Surprised! | By Rudy Pohl | Nikon D7100

raymond-leinsterRed Deer | By Raymond Leinster | 5D Mark III

steve-coursonSnowy Owl | By Steve Courson

Here is a list of all the cameras used:




  • Fujifilm FinePix F10

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