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Best SDHC Memory Cards For Digital Cameras


SDHC memory format is currently the standard not only for amateur digital cameras, but also for more professional DSLRs. A couple of years ago their maximum capacity was only 2GB, but today they’re just as good, if not even better than Compact Flash cards.

Nothing beats them in terms of size/price/performance. You can get 4GB for as little as $5 (not always recommended), and it will be able to write any amount of images you take in a single second.

However, a lot of people don’t take memory cards seriously enough. After all, it’s where you will store all of your shots! That’s why I made this list of best SDHC memory cards for your camera.

How Many GB’s Of Memory?

If you know you’ll take a ton of pictures/videos, or own a camera with more than 12MP, stay away from 4GB as you will quickly fill that up. Instead, find a reliable 8GB/16GB card that will allow you to save a couple of thousands images.

4GB – With a 16MP camera, you can take around 700 shots (something like a Canon PowerShot A1400)

8GB – The best choice if you take a lot of pictures and can’t be bothered to upload them on your computer every day.

16GB – Entry level cameras can already have 24MP sensors, and when you combine that with Full HD videos, you’ll quickly reach 16GB!

32GB – It would be smarter to buy two separate 16GB cards, but most people who get these already know what they need them for (usually traveling).

Speed/Writing Performance

Unlike CF, SDHC cards are ranked in different Classes based on their speed.

Class 6 – Writes at 6MB/s, great for all P&S’s and even semi-professional DSLRs.

Class 10 – Personally I recommend this to everyone, as they aren’t expensive (writing speed at 10MB/s or higher). Great for large video files and action photography

Best SDHC Memory Cards

As I said above, these cards are already cheap and you shouldn’t try to save anything here! I’d rather spend $20 than risk losing thousands of great images. SanDisk is the most popular brand, and their prices are also affordable!

sdhc-sandisk-4gb4GB Cards

It’s only $12, but I guarantee you that you’ll regret buying it (unless your camera has less than 8 megapixels). Expect to have around 1000 photographs taken with a 12MP camera.

Get SanDisk 4GB Extreme – Class 10


sandisk-8gb-sdhc8GB Cards

The best choice! It’s just a few more dollars than the card above, has twice as much storage and you won’t feel the need to delete your images in order to have space for next shooting!

Get SanDisk 8GB Extreme – Class 10

Transcend 8GB – Class 10


sandisk-16gb-sdhc-card16GB Cards

It’s the same brand, just a slightly unusual look. For only $17 (prices constantly get lower), the 16GB is great for those who own large megapixel cameras/record Full HD videos.

Get SanDisk 16GB Extreme – Class 10

Get Transcend 16GB – Class 10

In case you want to see some more options, check out the best selling SD cards at Amazon.

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