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Nikon D5600 Announced, What’s New?


Nikon has just announced the new D5600, which is simply a D5500 with added SnapBridge.

Same sensor, image quality, burst mode, articulating screen and so on. Oh, there’s also a time-lapse movie function now.

Should you get it? Only if you absolutely need the SnapBridge feature so you can instantly share the shots with your smartphone, otherwise you should get the Nikon D5500.

There’s little to upgrade when both Nikon D5300 and D5500 are pretty awesome specification wise, but it’s still a lot less you’d expect from a brand new DSLR announcement. I doubt this will be the case from now, Nikon is simply doing the most to appeal to every smartphone shooter

Since it hasn’t been officially announced in the US, there’s no actual price or release date available (will update when we know).

nikon-d5600-dslr nikon-d5600-rear nikon-d5600-topnikon-d5600-articulating-lcd-screen-dslr


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