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Best Memory Cards for Canon T5/1200D

The Canon T5 has 1 x SD memory card slot and features an 18MP sensor along with Full HD video recording.

For traveling or just casual photography, you’ll want to get a 8GB card minimum, preferably 16 or 32GB depending on how much you shoot.

Our favorite memory card is the SanDisk Ultra Class 10 32GB. It’s very cheap, has plenty of storage and is faster than what the Canon T5 needs anyways.

When buying a memory card, make sure to get a Class 10, no lower. If you don’t see Class 10 written in the name, just look for the number 10 in a circle directly on the memory card itself.

Best memory cards for Canon T5:

SanDisk Ultra Class 10 32GB

Our top pick: The best card for the Canon T5 is the SanDisk Extreme PRO 32GB (95MB/s). It’s cheap, super fast and excellent for bursts, RAW shooting and videos. The 32GB can be bought for less than $15 and if you require even more storage, there’s a 128GB card which can store well over 20,000 shots.

You can buy it at Amazon or see more reviews here.

Lexar Professional 633x UHS-I


The Lexar Professional 633x 32GB U3 also comes with Image Rescue 5 software (review here). Both memory card brands are fast and reliable, but the included software will save you from headaches if you accidentally delete your shots (it happens to all of us).

It’s more expensive but it won’t work faster on the Canon T5, it will only transfer your shots faster to the computer. If that is important to you, then the extra price is worth it. Both cards will reach the same speeds in-camera.

You can buy it at Amazon or see more reviews here.

Transcend 16GB UHS-I


Transcend is another popular brand with more reviews on Amazon than most cards, and their Transcend 16GB UHS-I card is relatively cheap for a UHS-I card (better than Class 10). However, as we said before you will only notice the improvement when transferring your files. The Canon T5 doesn’t support UHS-I card speeds. They will work normally, but will be limited to what the Canon T5’s max writing speed is.

You can buy it at Amazon or see more reviews here.

Don’t buy memory cards from unknown brands or something that looks too good to be true. More often than not, those cards will fail right when you’ll need them the most.

A memory card is where all of your work is stored until you transfer that on the computer.

Make sure to get a card from any of the following brands: SanDisk, Lexar, Transcend and Kingston. There are a few good out there, but the 5 we mentioned are more than enough.

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