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Canon EOS Rebel T5 vs T5i – Entry Level Comparison

The Canon Rebel T5 is Canon T5i’s smaller brother (in features, size and price). Which is not surprising since it’s supposed to be the cheaper version.

canon-t5-vs-t5i-rebel-eosThe Canon Rebel T5 is Canon T5i’s smaller brother (in features, size and price). Check out how they compare to each other and which one is the best one for your photography needs.

Canon EOS Rebel T5Canon EOS Rebel T5i
Sensor Size22.3 x 14.9mm22.3 x 14.9mm
Sensor TypeAPS-CAPS-C
Image Resolution5184 x 34565184 x 3456
ISO Range100 - 12,800100 - 25,600
ProcessorDigic 4Digic 5
AF Points99
Burst Mode3fps5fps
LCD Size3.0" Fixed LCD3.0" Articulating LCD
Touch ScreenNoYes
LCD Resolution460,000 dots1,040,000 dots
Viewfinder Coverage95%95%
Viewfinder Magnification0.8x0.8x
Viewfinder TypePentamirrorPentamirror
Shutter Speed Range1/4000 to 30 sec.1/4000 to 30 sec.
Exposure Compensation±5 EV±5 EV
Video Resolution1,920 x 1,080 (30fps)
1,920 x 1,080 (25fps)
1,920 x 1,080 (24fps)
1,280 x 720 (60fps)
1,280 x 720 (50ps)
1,920 x 1,080 (30fps)
1,920 x 1,080 (25fps)
1,920 x 1,080 (24fps)
1,280 x 720 (60fps)
1,280 x 720 (50ps)
Weight (inc. batteries)480g (0.94lbs)580g (1.27lbs)
Battery Life500 Shots (CIPA)440 Shots (CIPA)
Dimensions130 x 100 x 78 mm133 x 100 x 77 mm
Release Date20142013


Advantages of the Canon EOS Rebel T5/1200D:

  • Slightly newer sensor, although the difference in image quality probably won’t be noticeable
  • 100g lighter body
  • 60 shots longer battery life

It’s not surprising that the T5 doesn’t really beat the T5i at many things, seeing as it’s supposed to be the cheaper version.

For pricing and more information, see the Canon Rebel T5 at Amazon.


Advantages of the Canon EOS Rebel T5i/700D:

  • 1 stop higher maximum ISO
  • Digic 5 vs 4 processor
  • 9 cross-type AF points vs only 1 in the T5 (other 8 are normal type)
  • 5 vs 3fps burst mode
  • Articulating vs fixed LCD screen
  • Touchscreen is available
  • Twice as larger LCD resolution

At it’s launch the T5i was Canon’s highest entry level DSLR camera, although it’s fairly similar to the old Rebel T3i (2011). It has better image quality along with higher, better low light performance, faster burst mode and an articulating LCD screen. The rest are just minor differences that you’ll rarely appreciate when shooting.

You can get the Canon Rebel T5i at Amazon, and if you decide to go with it, check out or list of 10 best lenses for Canon Rebel T5i.


    • The T3i has recently been discontinued, and the T5i is too expensive for the little upgrades it offers. The SL1 is a powerhorse for the small body it comes in, and beats both in price/performance. Plus, it’s only $50 more on Amazon than the T3i!

      • Thank you so much for your advice! Lastly, since you mentioned amazon, they have a bundle for the SL1 which includes 2 lenses and other accessories for $599, would you mind telling me if that’s a good deal? I see most of the other pricing is the $599 for the camera and the one lense. Thanks again!

        • Yes, one of the reasons why we promote Amazon on our site is because their deals are the best out there. The $599 actually includes the 18-55mm lens, whereas those other “2 lenses” are actually just really good filters. Nonetheless, you get a flash, bag, lens filters and more for the same price, so you don’t lose anything!

          Good luck with photography, if you have any questions just ask.

  • I was SO excited when I came across this camera today. Most DSLR’s have a basic set of features. So it’s the extras I’m looking for. They include an external mic input (I’m a recording engineer so sound is almost as important as picture for me), a shoe mount for flash, light or mic, and an articulating LCD (because I have arthritis and my neck doesn’t move). Many cameras have the articulating LCD, most cameras above a certain price point have the shoe mount, but not that many have an external mic input (and for some reason, I can’t find ANY that come with a headphone jack). So when I saw the Rebel T5i, I started drooling. It has everything I want, PLUS it has a touchscreen, which is also rare below a thousand dollars. In case you haven’t guessed, video is as important to me as still image. I figure I can either buy a decent video camera and a decent point and shoot, or I can get a pretty good mid-level DSLR that will let me do everything, and I won’t have to carry two cameras around with me. I thought the T5i was the perfect solution. Then I looked at the video resolution. For some reason that I simply don’t understand, this camera doesn’t shoot 1080p/60p. I’ve been looking at the Canon Powershot SX60, which does shoot 1080p/60p, so I know Canon cameras do have the capacity. So WHAT was Canon thinking? This is the PERFECT camera. Except for one deal-breaker. Well, back to the drawing board.

  • Hi, would you recommend the SL1 or the T5 for a beginner? I found a T5 bundle for $449 on black Friday which includes 18-55 lens, 75-300, camera bag and 16g scandisk card

    • Hey,

      Specification wise, the SL1 is much better, but there’s nothing wrong with the T5 itself; for everyday use it’ll be great, just don’t expect to get the best results when shooting at high ISO. The 75-300mm is an alright lens, nothing extraordinary (quality wise the 55-250mm is better)

      However, with the price in mind, all of this for $449 is a great deal and it’s perfectly fine for getting pictures with great quality in all sorts of occasions. You’ll also see what you really need once you start, but you have nothing to worry about.

      Good luck!

  • Hi I am looking to get a starter camera for my husband for christmas. I am trying to determine for a starter is it best to go with the T5 or the T5i. I know the price points, just wondering if in the long run (next year or 2) which would be beneficial to him. I know nothing about photography

    • Hey, for a year or 2 the T5i would be much better. The bigger size and better materials would definitely be a plus as well, along with better features for the price. The T5i with 18-55mm or any extra lens will be excellent for many years, regardless of the skills of the person.

  • Hi there, just like below I’m looking at Amazon deals for a camera. I’m looking into getting a entry level camera, that will be sufficient for capturing sports and general photography. My question would be: what would be the best combination?

    T5 or SL1 and with which of the following lensess: 18-55mm and 75-300mm or 18-55mm and 55-250mm? Again Sports and General photography.

    • Hey,

      The SL1 is in my opinion the best Canon has to offer from Rebels right now; smallest, light, excellent features (especially when compared to the T5). The 55-250mm is a higher quality lens and is worth the price. SL1 + 18-55 + 55-250mm and you’re ready for anything!

      If you wish to, you can also purchase anything (cameras etc.) after clicking on our Amazon links as it helps us without any extra cost for you! Good luck.

  • So for a beginner that likes really good pictures but doesn’t know much about cameras as of yet, the black friday T5, amazon T5i or SL1? I want the pictures for the best price.

    • They have the same sensor, so image quality and noise performance is great on both. I’d get the SL1 if you want something light or small, or the T5i if you want something slightly bigger and better built. As far as learning and using both, it’ll be almost the same experience, there are so many similarly good cameras out it’s hard to find differences at such price levels.

  • I’m seriously considering getting into astrophotography, specifically just getting nighttime shots of the milky way or other great views…found out the hard way that my current camera (Nikon S8100 point and shoot) just doesn’t have the capacity for capturing those kinds of shots, which (I’m assuming) leaves me looking at getting a DSLR. Thing is, I’m generally backpacking said camera into the mountains doing about 10-15 miles, so I don’t really want something that’s going to add 10 pounds to my pack, and I’m a bit worried about these cameras being more fragile as well. I was looking at the Canon SL1, or possibly the T5/T5i models…would those work well for this kind of application (starting with just shots of the night sky, maybe later moving into mounting onto a telescope for shots of other planets etc)? Could you recommend any accessories that I’d need to be sure to get (I’m guessing a wide-angle lens is definitely one)? Finally, would something like the SL1 or T5 be rugged enough to handle being in the wilderness several days at a time? They’d be in a case most of the time, but with this much money going into it (I know these are “entry-level” but it’s still a lot of money for me), I’d hate for something to break on the first trip out….

  • I’m looking at either a Canon T3i, T5, T5i or Nikon d3200. How much difference does the anti-vibration make on the lens? On one bundle special it doesn’t come with the AV on the lens, the other it does and it goes up in price.

    • I’d get the D3200, it’s a great value for the price and beats them all at specifications. Better low light performance, more fps in video, 2 more AF points and a longer battery life.

      As far as anti-vibration/image stabilization, it’s one of the most useful functions when shooting with slow shutter speeds (at night, badly lit places, hard to stand on places etc.).

      Some good lenses can actually make up to a 4 stop difference (meaning 1/4 with IS looks almost like 1/60 and that can sometimes make or break a shot).

  • Hey,

    The SL1 is better built than the T5, and the T5i is slightly better but not worth the price difference. I seriously doubt any of them will break, but obviously remember to be careful with them (from 70D on, materials used are much better but the price goes up).

    I recommend you to take a look at some astrophotography shots on flickr and check their EXIF information (settings, lens used etc) to get an idea on what you’ll need as I can’t help you much here.

    Basically, besides the camera you need a solid tripod, a fast writing memory card (get class 10) because long exposure shots tend to be quite big, and a battery grip wouldn’t be a bad idea to double the battery life and also give more stability and security to your camera.

    I can’t help much here, but if you have any questions, feel free to ask!

  • Looking for camera for my wife’s b-day I’m considering either t5 or t5i my kids play basketball and soccer my older son plays in high school and want to record his games and take some pictures. She was using my sisters t3 and liked it I wanted get her something she can use for awhile.

  • I’m trying to compare the Canon T5i, T5, and Nikon D3200. I’ve seen the T5 kit on ebay for $500, which looks like a good deal. I’m a novice, so the differences between T5 and T5i may not matter, but is the Nikon a better camera?

  • Hi there.

    I have been following your discussion regarding the Canon Rebel t5, t5i and SL1. I actually bought both the t5 and the t5i from Costco on Black Friday and have finally gotten around to opening them and looking at them. I think I got good deals on both of them.

    Rebel t5i: Features: 2 lens bundle package: $799

    EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM and EF-S 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS STM Lens, 16 GB SD Card, Camera Bag, EOS Digital Solution Disc and Software Instruction Manual CD

    Rebel t5: 2 lens bundle: $549
    Features: EF-S18/55 IS II Lens, EF75/300 III Lens, 16 GB SD Card, Camera Bag, EOS Digital Solution Disc & Software Instruction Manual CD

    Now, Costco has this deal on the SL1: Features: 2 lens bundle package – $699
    EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS STM and EF-S 55-250mm f/4-5.6 IS STM Lens, 16 GB SD Card, Camera Bag, EOS Digital Solution Disc and Software Instruction Manual CD

    Which of these would best suit my needs for the price?

    Here is my information: I am a beginner photographer, mostly looking to take pictures of my kids – at home, school events/plays, vacations, and at their activities. I want a good camera, with good quality pictures – better than the ones we have been taking on our iPhones and iPads. Sometimes the lighting isn’t great and sometimes they are moving around a lot.

    Also – this is my last question: am I correct that none of these packages come with a flash?

    Thank you.

    • Hey,

      So you already have a T5 and T5i, both with 18-55mm and 1 x 55-250mm and 1 x 75-300mm? If yes, then you’ve got all you need (quality wise the 55-250mm is far better than 75-300).

      I see no reason for you to choose the SL1, both of these models are perfectly good for all you wrote, and many more situations! The T5i is like a slightly bigger version of the SL1, and they’ve got the same quality and ISO performance, meaning low light won’t be such as tough to shoot in as with iPhones etc.

      Once you have a good, solid DSLR (you already have), other things start to get important, as you see what you actually want to shoot. Large aperture lenses (f/4, f/2.8 and lower) will allow you to shoot in low light and also get even better quality than now. Or perhaps an external flash as you mentioned.

      No camera kit straight from the manufacturer ever comes with a flash unfortunately.

      If you need any help feel free to ask!

      • Great! Thanks for the advice. So, keep the t5i because of the 55-250mm lens? Also, I assume I need a flash for pictures that are at night or in a dark place, etc…
        Where would be the best place to order that/is there one that you recommend?
        Thanks again!

        • No, keep it because it’s the best of the 3 you mentioned. The 55-250mm can be put on both other DSLRs as well, same goes for the 18-55mm and 75-300mm and like 50 other lenses. That’s the beauty of DSLR cameras, that you can simply put on a different lens.

          We work with Amazon so they’re our number one recommendation for camera gear, due to their low prices and excellent service. What’s your budget?

          I’d recommend 430EX II from Canon – Click here

          A great alternative is the Neewer TT560, it’s not Canon’s but it’s just as good, and is used by thousands of photographers – Click here

          Both are good, the Canon is slightly better and you pay for the name as well, but it’s worth it.

          Hope it helped! If you need more simply ask!

  • Good Morning! I am looking at purchasing the Canon Rebel t5 or t5i. Now after reading your posts about the SL1 I am more confused!! My daughter plays softball and I want to capture great pictures of her batting etc….Could you please help me!!!!! I have been a long time Canon user. Thank you in advance!!!

    • Hey,

      The SL1 is like a smaller version of the T5i, and you won’t miss out on anything big so I recommend the SL1! Plus, it’ll be a great learning experience before, if, she wants to upgrade to something that would completely suit her shooting style.

      Good luck!

  • I’m looking to purchase my first DSLR. It will mainly be used to take pictures of my son, but I’d love to photograph as a hobby. I was looking at the t5, but after reading comments, I’m thinking the SL1 is the best choice. What accessories would you recommend? I love the bundles Amazon offers, but I’m not sure which accessories I’d actually use. Thanks!

  • I’ve been researching to buy my first DSLR. I had initially thought I’d get the t5, but after reading this and the comments, I’m wondering if SL1 is the better choice. Also, I’m looking at bundles on Amazon and am unsure what accessories I really need. Ill mainly be using the camera for pictures of my kid, but also like to photograph for a hobby. Thanks!

    • Hey, the SL1 is a better choice, it has higher ISO, 4 vs 3fps (helps when taking pictures of faster subjects, and kids most often are). The T5 is good but its specifications resemble a ~2010 camera (no self-cleaning sensor, older processor, lower resolution LCD with no touch-screen).

      If your budget allows you, and you know you’ll do some telephoto work as well, try to get a kit with the 55-250mm or 75-300mm (the former being a better choice).

      Here’s the 75-300mm Bundle: <a href="//" title="Canon SL1 + 75-300mm"

  • Im searching for a battery grip for my canon t5. Everything i read says t5i. Can anyone recommend something to me. Please!! Thanks

  • I’m college student with a Youtube channel and I’m hoping to expand more on this hobby by buying a legit DSL. Would starting with a canon t5 be fine or are there any other/better alternatives??

    • If you don’t plan on recording moving subjects with AF, then it will be fine. Cheaper DSLRs are mostly for being set up on a tripod while recording, but obviously the quality is excellent nonetheless. There’s no Full HD, but HD is perfectly fine since files are also smaller and easier, quicker to edit on the computer.

  • Hi, I’m brazilian and this is the most helpful post that I found. I have a makeup channel on Youtube and I need a great camera to take pictures of my work (doing makeup in people and making makeup tutorials). Most of “big” youtubers use Canon T5i, but here in Brazil it”s veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyy expensive. So, what’s the better option? T5/T5i/T3i? Thanks in advance (and sorry about my bad english haha)

  • Ugh. A terrible photographer can take the best camera ever and shoot garbage anyway and the best photographer can take the crappiest camera ever and shoot gold. Keep the T5i and leave me alone.

  • I was totally set on the T5i but after seeing your comments I am leaning more towards the SL1. I am inexperienced and am just looking for a good camera for fast moving newborn/toddlers. Which would you suggest. Most pictures are taken inside if that matters… Thanks!

    • For $200 less, the SL1 is 1fps slower (5 vs 4fps) and while they both have 9 AF points, the T5i has all of them cross-type (meaning they’re more accurate in difficult situations such as fast movement or bad lighting).

      Normally the SL1 would be better, but since you say most pictures will be taken inside, those two extra features will be extremely helpful! Image quality and the rest is the same.

      You could also look at the D3300, priced as SL1 but comparable to the T5i. It’s also much better in video, has 11 vs 9 AF points, longer battery life (almost 100% more).

  • I am looking for a great budget camera for my youtube channel, most people say the T5i video is a great starting place. Are there any other cheaper DSLR that carries the same spec as the video on the T5i?

    • Hey,

      Both SL1 and Nikon D3300 are excellent, cheaper, and 99% the same (both also priced at ~$500). Personally I’d go with the Nikon model, but any will be fine.

  • I am a scrapbooker and love taking pics of the kids sporting events and vacations. I need to purchase a new camera, as my old one broke. Several friends suggested Cannon t5 & t5i, but I see where you also mention the Nikkon D3300. I just want to get a good camera that zooms fairly close, but also one I can attach an extra zoom lens to get great baseball & basketball shots! Out of the 3, which would be your first choice?

    • Hey,

      While those Canon cameras are great, the D3300 is cheaper and paired with the 55-200mm or 55-300mm, you’re ready to shoot sports like baseball etc. Plus, it has 24 megapixels so you can even crop without losing image quality.

      Unless all of your friends have Canon cameras and could lend you some useful lenses, I see no reason to spend more right now, as the D3300 is an excellent money/performance position.

      Good luck!

  • Hi! I am looking for a camera to use for my children’s baseball games and school programs, as well as weekends at the lake. I was leaning towards the T5 only because many friends have it and have told me it’s a good camera, but now I am wondering if the T5i or SL1 would be a better choice. Can you let me know your thoughts? Also, what lens would be best – the 75-300 or 55-250? Sounds like the 55-250 but just want to be sure I’m not getting confused! Thank you in advance!!

    • Hey,

      Lens wise, skip the 75-300mm and go for the 55-250mm as you said already. Quality is much better!

      Personally I’d go with the SL1. it’s a beast in a small body, and for $499 you can’t go wrong!

  • I just recently bought the T5 for my family potraits. Well I have now decided to become a photographer and offer photo sessions. Should I upgrade to the T5i?

    • The T5i has a few good improvements, such as an all cross-type AF system, 5 vs 3fps and a better body, but I don’t know if it’s worth upgrading to it.

      Instead, it’d be better to go with the new T6s that has an 19AF point system (more accurate, better in low light and was used in pro DSLRs), 6 more megapixels and a top LCD screen to quickly change settings.

      If you feel confident enough with the T5, I suggest you to use it until you get the T6s, and in the meantime just master all of what your camera has to offer.

  • Hello,

    Just posting again cause i think my other comment didn’t go through.

    I’m new to photography and I’m confused on which route to take. I have lots of questions, all of which is about which camera to go with. I will be using it for street photography mostly.

    1.) Should I go mirrorless and purchase the a6000 or stick with the proven dslr bodies?
    2.) If DSLR is the way to go, which camera should I purchase? (I’ve heard a lot of people recommending the D5300 and T5i)

    I really enjoy taking shots but I can’t justify spending more than 1000 CAD as I am just starting off. It would be awesome if you would be able to help me out. Thank you 🙂

    • Hey,

      I’ve never owned a mirrorless camera so I can’t hep you personally on that part, I mean Sony’s cameras are great but I just have no reason to switch to them.

      I’d go with the D5300, it’s got 39 vs 9AF points, longer battery life, is 100g lighter and offers more megapixels. For the small price difference, it’s worth it!

      Good luck.

  • Great post! the most useful I’ve found online.

    I know absolutely nothing about photography, but I like taking pictures and have always wanted a decent camera. I have an upcoming trip to Alaska and another one to Yellowstone, so now I sort of justify getting one.
    I also shoot a lot of videos (mostly family friends, social, etc), so I was thinking of getting the T5i, since it has the flip LCD screen and I think better video quality.
    I should say that I intend to take at least a basic course of photography before my trips.

    I’d love t hear your thoughts on how this camera matches my needs. Appreciate the help.

    • Hey,

      The T5i is indeed a better overall choice, especially now that prices have gone down. Its got 9 all cross-type AF points compared to just 1, which greatly helps in difficult conditions as these points focus both vertically and horizontally.

      Quality wise, they’re 99% the same, but that’s with most cameras under $2,000 nowadays, they’re all excellent! The T5i also has 1 stop higher max ISO which helps a lot inside, and should be slightly better when it comes to noise reduction.

      The flip screen is not as useful as companies want you to to think, but it’s still alright for landscape or slow moving scenes.

      Good luck!

      • Thank you very much for your help.
        It looks like the T5i is the better choice, but I think it’s too much for me as I wouldn’t really take advantage of all the features. I’ve decided to go with the t5 bundle which is around $200 cheaper than the same bundle for the T5i. Thanks again!

  • I’m having such a hard time choosing a camera…! Can I tell you what I’m needing it for and you can give me your recommendation? I purchased a former elementary school, and have renovated it into an event center. It is mostly low-lighting in most of the rooms, with some natural light in others. I need to take pictures of the event spaces for marketing, and also of the events themselves for our social media pages. I also have two small kids in sports, etc…that I would be using it for. I currently have a Nikon Coolpix point and shoot, but want to step-up to a DSLR. I was looking at either Canon Rebel T5, T5i, SL1 or a Nikon D3200 or D3300. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much!

    • Any entry-level Nikon or Canon will do (flip a coin). Nowadays these cameras offer great ISO ratings for shooting in darker places. Seems to me the megapixel count will not be that important (it tends to make the pix very big in disk space). Besides, it’s all about the lens. So if I was you I’d buy the basic camera with the packaged lens, then continue buying lenses over time, such as a telephoto for sports, and a wide angle for indoor and panoramic. If you take good care of your lenses they will outlive the camera and you can upgrade in time. Also, an add-on flash…

  • I’m really having a hard time deciding between the 5, 5i, and the sl1. I’ve never owned a DSLR camera and mostly want it to take pictures of my daughter doing her cheer competitions. Those girls move fastThey are sometimes in a very well lit gym others are in dark convention centers where only the stage is well lit. I don’t want to have to spend a lot of money but well if I’m getting what will work best for me. I’ve researched so much and am still uncertain. Also I want to use the camera for taking general daily pictures of my kids and family.The kids school plays which again can either be low or high light. I also most likely will use a video feature too. any advice would help!

    • Hey,

      I’d recommend you to go with the SL1. Both other models are fine, but for the price you won’t get anything better. I just photographed a wedding with the SL1 last week and was amazed at how good these “entry” level cameras are.

      For general purposes and even more, it will be perfect, and the AF will be able to track even in harder conditions. However, remember that this also depends on the lens that you use. 18-55mm inside won’t be as good as an affordable 50 or 85mm 1.8.

      Seeing as you’ll record videos, make sure to check out the EF-S 10-18mm for super wide work, 55-250mm STM for telephoto, and the 18-135mm STM for all around. I don’t know your budget but with the lenses mentioned above, you would actually be able to cover 99% photography events.

      Good luck!

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